Everlasting Past Poem

How does one explain the love for one that once was

how vibrant their laughter, the light that reflected

in wise old crows feet eyes

How one does cry for some that will never know

your best friend

but how the spirit of the one you love dearly

will live on in the everlasting past of

one’s youth.


Carving Time Poem

How does one carve out time

to spend with you

is it a knife against a tree trunk

or devoting an hour a week

to see you without an electronic device

attach to their hand.

If one can not carve out time for you

why try to carve out your time

for them. All that leaves one

is a broken heart carved into a tree.

A reason poem

One day you roll over and blink your eyes

is this time passing by

or just another day to wonder why

you are here

a reason

a purpose

someone loves you

just remember


you are someone’s

reason to wake up and


just remember why

you are here to be loved.

Sunny-Side Up


Life is never boring that’s for sure

one minute you’re planting flowers

the next

leaves are falling

time is ever present

leaving evidence behind

a smile produces laugh lines

while a empty home

shows belongings

of a person that once was

the sunny side of this

is the person we knew

never leaves the heart

Life After College


The days go by so slowly when I am sitting in my bed staring at the purple walls. My mind wanders to the crack on the ceiling. Wow how interesting. “I should go outside, it is nice out.” She opens the computer and clicks the familiar icon that is netflix. Hours go by until it is dark out. Falls asleep, wakes up, toast, coffee, same routine.

Why is finding a job so hard?

Life of an alumni

As the time passes by the only thought is what next?

The ticking gets louder reminding her of waves crashing.

The pressure seems unbearable at first “get a job” “stop sitting around doing nothing”

Tick Tick Tick anxiety strikes at midnight as waves swell my mind with uncertainty

about life after college.

Meanwhile passing time hanging with friends.

The waves aren’t as noticeable but always there.

Finally gets a summer job based on the well earned degree.

Only two months but that’s a start….right?

(Lake Michigan)